About Guild maps

Guild maps are an important feature in guilds where the guild can find a bountyful of rewards for the guild and yourself. There are all sorts to find in a guild map: Example- Tokens (Everyone gets 10), Guild Building Slots, Guild Member slots, Guild Double Hours, Guild Gold Bonus, Gem Statues etc. There are 3 types of guild maps currently; Detailed guild map, Guild Map and Tattered guild map.

  • Detailed guild map has 399 rooms and 3 Treasure chests
  • Guild Map has 2 Treasure chests
  • Tattered Guild Map has 99 rooms and 1 treasure chest.
  • Currently we are completing ALL guild maps 100% as we can gain quite a nice completion bonus from them (And helps towards the weekly GDP tax incentive). If you have 50% Dungeon Mastery then send Kangaroo or Soapsuds a message and you can help open/close guild maps at 100%!

    Why do guild maps?

    We dont force you to do guild maps, but helping now and then will help greatly (Ideally when there are no double time active) and since we dont force you to donate anything to the guild, helping out in the guild maps will greatly help the guild and means you dont need to donate anything you gain. The more maps we do the higher we can upgrade our guild statues where each fight you do you get a chance to obtain a free gem or a piece of jade. We can upgrade these only by having GDP (Guild Dungeon Points) or finding them in guild maps. So the more chance you want + free jade chance, the more GDP we need :)

    But im a low level?

    Even though we do not wish to stunt anyones growth especially a lower level guildie, if you wish to help out then you can and that will be super! We've been asked the question quite a few times "I'm a low level so I will be no help, why should I help?" The mobs scale to your last fought mob and each mob killed the guild gains 1 GDP regardless of level, so every player is equal and everyone is a huge help!

    How do I do guild maps?

    Currently we have a system in place where we mark the guild rooms with Inks. We have the guild inks so marking completed rooms will help everyone out and not get confused and makes it easier to find non completed rooms. The current system is to mark all completed rooms WHITE and treasure rooms/Exits RED.


    We currently have a weekly tax incentive for guild maps. The MAX guild tax we will have is 20%, and the more GDP we earn in a week the lesser the tax we have for that week. Each tax week starts at the beginning of Mondays guild boss and will be calculated and the tax will be changed. How this works is for every 5000 GDP we get a 1% tax reduction. So for a Tax free week we need 100000 GDP a week which is easy peasy :P

    We have also recently started to offer guild double hours as a reward upon completion of a guild map (And may change) For every Detailed guild map completed we get a double hour, For 2x completed Guild Maps we get 1 double hour and for 3 Tattered we get a free double hour, but for this ALL maps needs to be 100% complete and more than 4+ people in the map at a time (Possible change to timed ones?).