What the guild wants/need?

Here at Legends Reborn we don't force you to donate anything as we don't want to stunt anybodys growth as we love to see progression! The only thing we do ask for is Gems only for Guild Boss summons and when we need it for guild buildings resources like Lumber etc. But we only ask for these when we are about to upgrade a guild building and are short.

So why not jade and plat?

Jade is important to you and to your progression, we don't need your jade and you can use it to your own pleasure, maybe sell it for some quick plat to buy Equipment or maybe your CHC and Heroism is a tad low? Use it on that ;)

Plat we dont ask for since every fight you do the guild gets a bonus on what you earn (This isnt a tax you gain 100% of gold) so after time this mounts up and we dont require you to donate additional platinum, like jade go splash it on yourself, go on treat yourself :)

Wait a minute, Whats the catch?

Really, there isn't a catch. All we ask for is Gems (Since the guild can make more from them than what you would selling on the market, instead of 5s what you would get we can earn 1g 5s per gem = More double hours) and help in the guild maps when you can :) Any donation to the guild big or small is a great help and is always apreciated!